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Who are the Wayuu?

Many things are rumoured about the Wayuu culture, most of them false, but today we will know Who Are The Wayuu? It is an indigenous people that lives on the La Guajira peninsula, between Venezuela and Colombia. They consider themselves as children of the earth and the rain. Where do they come from? According to anthropological research, the Wayuu are descendants of the Arawak, a people that had a great migratory flow. They moved through the Amazon and the Antilles around 150 BC Colonisation Process : During the 16th century it was the arrival of the European conquerors, but the Wayuu refused to be subdued. They created their front of resistance by hiding in the desert. But in the nineteenth century the governments of Venezuela and...

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Meaning of Colours in Wayuu Crafts

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of colours in Wayuu crafts ? In this blog you will find what each colour that is embodied in Wayuu crafts means. There are different colours that predominate in the Wayuu culture, the colour that most influences is red. Meaning of the colour red This colour represents the spiritual world and worldview. (related to the Isho'ui stone (protective stone), Isha (Blood, Life) Isho'upunaajana (Compensation for bloodshed, the importance of the word within the Wayuu normative system), Kuluulu Ishosü (red cloth; used in the confinement rituals to cure a spiritual illness) Pali'isa (represented in the Vija, a vegetable of great importance in life and spirituality). Red is the colour with the greatest influence within Wayuu religiosity, dating...

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How To Clean A Wayuu Bag

Avoid Machine Wash and Dryer: Machine wash is not always harmful to your bag, but it's always advisable that you skip the machine wash if you can. The machine puts a lot of strain on the bag making it non-worthy to ruin your bags. And sometimes, the bag shrinks and loses their original shape. Washing a mochila bag in the machine totally depends upon the bag’s fabric and the resilience of the weaving density. We don’t recommend it as we don’t recommend either to use the dryer, it will damage the bag and the details. Treat your bag as something very special. Handwash: Hand wash is the best option to wash your bags. The manual wash helps you to keep control...

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