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Meaning of Colours in Wayuu Crafts

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of colours in Wayuu crafts ? In this blog you will find what each colour that is embodied in Wayuu crafts means.

There are different colours that predominate in the Wayuu culture, the colour that most influences is red.

Meaning of the colour red


This colour represents the spiritual world and worldview. (related to the Isho'ui stone (protective stone), Isha (Blood, Life) Isho'upunaajana (Compensation for bloodshed, the importance of the word within the Wayuu normative system), Kuluulu Ishosü (red cloth; used in the confinement rituals to cure a spiritual illness) Pali'isa (represented in the Vija, a vegetable of great importance in life and spirituality).

Red is the colour with the greatest influence within Wayuu religiosity, dating from time immemorial. This colour is always present in the Wayuu arts, whether they are mochilas, hammocks or jewellery.

Meaning of the colour green


The green means the cactus or cardón, this is the emblematic plant of the Wayuu, it represents the first children of mother earth, related to territoriality, since the xerophilous plant grows in the semi-desert land of hot climates, which characterises much of the territory from La Guajira. The cactus is a perennial plant that resists the harshest droughts. Many Wayuu poets are inspired by this natural emblem. The green colour has always nuanced in Wayuu crafts.

Meaning of the colour yellow


The yellow colour represents the warmth of the desert region, its riches, the hospitality of the people.

Meaning of the colour brown


This colour at the base of the backpack, in the shape of the sun, represents the immensity of mother earth that materialises the Juma'leiwaya (Ma'leiwa), the principle of all principles within the Wayuu philosophical conception. Mother earth represents the force of nature, femininity and the Wayuu woman. And the sun surrounded by the earth as the base of the backpack arises the imaginary spiral of the cosmo-vision, where everything that is the Wayuu being is born.

Meaning of the colour blue

Meaning of Colors

The blue with other colours embodied in the kanasü, represents the art, the narrative, the story where the symbolism of Juya is embodied "The creator Father, who begets" is also the Wayuu man. The word and its guarantor gift of the social coexistence of the Wayuu nation.

Without a doubt, the meaning of the colours in the Wayuu articles is fascinating, in each article they reflect their culture. Each piece has a story to tell.