50% of profits on our Wayuu collection goes directly to the artisans of Colombia

About us



As women, we are evolving with independence, confidence, passion, fearlessness.
We take on many challenging roles with strength and poise.
Our ability to confidently embrace each of our own identities with ease truly makes us real-life superwomen.
Saint Totes wants to help you to continue being that superwoman with style and grace.
Saint Totes understands that the life of a woman consists of a daily schedule packed with meetings, appointments, dinners, presentations and we want to help you get to all these places looking your best and never leaving an item behind.
Saint Totes is not just a handbag, it's a handbag that gets you from a to b always looking your best, that carries all of your most valuable items at hand.

Saint Totes
Carry your essentials.